Why You Need Licensed Roofers for Your Horse Carriage Building

Why You Need Licensed Roofers for Your Horse Carriage Building

Would you be willing to visit an unlicensed doctor to treat a medical condition that has put you down? No one would want to take such a risk. There are also dangers in hiring an unlicensed roofer. It is shocking, then, that many people are willing to trust their lives with unlicensed roofers. Even the lives of your pets ‘ and other animals, such as horses ‘ are too important not to work closely with licensed roofers in Staten Island.

It is costly to install or repair a roof especially if the damage is extensive. This partly explains the reason some homeowners find contractors who charge less.

Sadly, most contractors who are willing to charge less lack licenses, permits, and insurance

A roofer cannot be licensed, insured, or receive the necessary permits without going through the requisite training. The training costs money. Once they start working, these contractors then transfer the cost of the training to their clients. Those who do not go through any sort of training have no problem charging low rates. Working with an unlicensed roofer might appear cost-effective in the short term, but the long-term costs can negate all the short-term savings you make.

Mostly, unlicensed contractors often lack any or all of the following:
a) Proper, professional training
b) Professional knowledge
c) Professional expertise

From such a person, you should not expect anything other than a shoddy job

Poor workmanship or shoddy work will come back to haunt you utmost a few years down the line. Most times, you end up paying more for costly repairs too soon. You’ll have to hire a new contractor, who will not come cheap. You will need better materials, which cost a fortune. The new contractor will spend more time redoing the original job. In many aspects, it is better for you to hire a licensed contractor the first time.

An unlicensed contractor will also put you in hot legal soup

In some states in the US, you are liable to pay $5,000 in fine for hiring an unlicensed roofer. Unlicensed roofing experts also often lack insurance, as previously stated. Hiring an uninsured roofer is one of the worst decisions you can ever make. The decision will affect your horse carriage business negatively. An uninsured roofer is bad for your business. The result of such a decision is you carry or assume all the liability in case the uninsured roofer does something bad while working on the roof.

Save money, time, and your sanity by hiring a licensed and insured roofing contractor

It is tricky to take remedial action against unlicensed, uninsured contractors especially if you don’t even know where to find them in case something goes wrong.

Therefore, avoid unlicensed roofing contractor. The money you save hiring them will not serve you well in the long run. It is better to pay more now and save more in the future. Also, do not forget the peace of mind you get from working closely with a licensed, insured, and certified professional roofing contractor. Your peace of mind and sanity is just as important as any other factor.

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