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Discover vehicles specifically designed for men, women, and children.

Extension Front Brougham 
Extension Front Brougham


The Extension Front Brougham was first designed in 1833 by Lord Henry Brougham of England. Lord Brougham requested that his coachmaker build a closed coach that was lighter and smaller than the formal coaches of that period. The resulting vehicle carried two passengers comfortably and quickly became popular as a bachelor gentleman’s conveyance. This 1889 Brougham was one of the three original carriages given to Jim Thrasher by Alex Sloan of Lonaconing, MD.


 Queen Body Phaeton
Queen Body Phaeton

Developed in England, these small phaetons were pulled by a single pony. These light-weight vehicles were especially popular with ladies and were used in the United States for park driving and country outings. The style of the body of this phaeton was referred to as a “Queen Body Phaeton”, patterned after a type made for Queen Victoria.


Tub Cart or Governess Cart
Tub Cart or Governess Cart

The Tub Cart or Governess Cart, as it was also called, was a relatively late development in the era of horse-drawn vehicles. It was an English design which gained moderate popularity in the United States. Generally, the tub cart was utilized by a wealthy family’s governess to take her charges for outings to the park or trips into the countryside. Given its enclosed shape, the tub cart prevented the children from falling out or dangling their toys where they could get caught in the wheels. The tub cart derived its name from the fact that it looked like a wash tub.


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