Running Your Business without Compromising On Cleanliness

If you are running any business including a horse-drawn carriage one, work can take up so much time that coming back to a nice meal and relaxing is all you want. But no. Unless you have help, cooking and cleaning tasks will still be waiting for you. Your kitchen appliances shouldn’t become a haven for germs and pests. You need to make your work easier by learning quick and easy cleaning tips. Here are some for cleaning your oven which can be crusty and full of grime after weeks of use.

Get the Right Materials

You need cleaning products for a clean, sparkly oven. Some like gumption are readily available at your local store. Alternatively, you could mix up a DIY cleaner with some ingredients in your kitchen such as vinegar, water, and baking soda which is useful in breaking down grime on the walls. You’ll also need a spray bottle for the vinegar, a rag for wiping the oven, and a small bowl to make the baking soda and water paste.

Don’t Let It Get Too Dirty

Don’t wait to clean your oven after months of using it. A bit of regular cleaning now and then will make your work easier. The hot water method can help you get the grease buildup out. Just heat a bowl of water in the oven on the lower rack then wipe the oven when cool. If they fit, you can throw stainless steel racks in the dishwasher. A large dish beneath your cooking rack can also make cleaning overflows easier.

Get Help

Many housekeeping companies also offer cooker cleaning service so you can let the cleaner handle the deep oven cleaning and house cleaning work for you.


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