Plumbing for Your New York Horse Barn

You are the proud owner of a horse drawn carriage and with it, a horse or a couple of them. Well, you cannot enjoy the pleasures of these historic means of transport, without taking proper care of your horses. Horses need nutrition from hay and more, safe shelter, treatment for any health problems, proper grooming, hoof care, and a constant supply of clean water. The more natural the environment the horse lives in, the more comfortable it is likely to be. It goes without saying that you will need a New York plumber to provide the necessary services for your horse barn. Here’s what you will need.

Fresh water supply to the barn

As stated before, horses need a constant supply of clean water for drinking. The task of having to draw water from elsewhere and carrying it in buckets to the barn would be unsustainable. You need plumbing services to get water to the barn and make taking care of your horses easier. Aside from supplying drinking water for the horses, you also need water for grooming for the horses, cleaning parts of the barn, and laundering stall mats and floor covering if you have them installed. The barn also needs a supply of softened water. It is, therefore, necessary to install a line supplying softened water probably from the house. Alternatively, you may need to install a water softener for the barn. In addition, you will need water heaters during winter.

Depending on your specific layout and needs, you will need water pipes installed from the main water line to supply the barn, exterior faucets, a sink and a wash rack. You may also need to install a water pump and an automatic watering system if you don’t want to use water buckets to fill up the drinking containers. If necessary, you may need a water tank installed too. If you are building a new barn, it is best to install plumbing as you are building the walls of your barn. If however, the barn was built without plumbing facilities, you will need a plumber to make it easier for you to keep your horses clean and healthy.


You also need to have a proper drainage system for your barn to drain waste water so that it remains clean, dry, and free of smelly waste water. Ideal stall floors are designed to absorb water. The beddings also help to absorb urine. Extra drainage is however needed to absorb the excess urine and any water used for cleaning and disinfection. A drainage channel is thus needed to remove the extra urine and waste water. The alleyways and wash areas are not designed with any water absorption in mind and require proper drainage to get waste water out. You will need a good plumber to help you with designing and constructing proper drainage for your barn.

Same as plumbing for the house, you also need the services of a plumber to help you fix damages in the plumbing system for your barn. Therefore it is important to find a New York plumber you can rely on for all your plumbing needs.

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