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Horse drawn delivery vehicles lend some interesting stories to the collection. For example, the milkman would not ride, instead he would take a case of milk to deliver door to door. The horse kept the milk wagon moving - the horse knew the route!


Included in the museum collection is a 1914 milk wagon. The milk wagon is a type of delivery wagon characterized by a closed, paneled body and sliding doors. The Thrasher collection’s milk wagon was built for and used by the Arylawn Dairy Farms in Bethesda, MD through the gas rationing days of World War II.


The original “Ayrlawn Farms, Bethesda” lettering is still on the body of this wagon. Body panels are constructed of plywood with a metal skin, there are no doors on this version. It is suspended by ribbed platform springs on front and rear. The wheels have solid rubber tires with automobile type wheels with drum brakes on the rear.

The milk wagon is one of several delivery vehicles on display.

Milk Wagon


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