How Can Playing Bingo Help Your Horse Drawn Carriage Business?

Bingo offers some excellent prizes in cash to winners. In some halls, you can win as much as $50-$100. However, multiple casinos promise as much as $1 million to the winners. The huge amounts are for people who are not afraid of playing high-stakes bingo games. Essentially, this means that you can rely on the money to set up any business of your liking. In fact, you can use the money to support your existing horse-drawn carriage business.

Apart from cash prizes, you can also win:
a) Cars
b) Trips
c) Novelty prizes

The law requires bingo halls to pay out 50-60% of the money they collect from players.
Furthermore, the entire amount the halls can give out per session or game is subject to the local or state rules. Therefore, you will have to learn about the local rules before playing any bingo inside a hall. Brush up on your understanding of the local regulations. Otherwise, you may be depending on a low win when your horse-drawn carriage business needs more money. Check the amount on offer through the jackpot.

Exposure to Progressive Jackpots

You might want to consider the progressive jackpots too.
Check out bingo sites, halls, and casinos that offer progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots keep increasing each time nobody wins them. You require an extraordinary win to be declared the winner of such a jackpot. You only have 49 balls to cover every space on the bingo card. Use your balls well. In some instances, the progressive jackpot grows massively such that the law compels the bingo hall, casino or website to cap it.
Bingo has grown and joined the list of more lucrative games. The growth is because of the high-stakes bingo games. These games involve the following prizes:
$1 million

Life-Changing Prize Money

With such amounts won, you could change the face of your horse-drawn carriage business completely. In fact, so big are the cash prizes in high-stakes games hall owners have taken insurance policies. They have done this deliberately to avoid going bankrupt. However, you should not feel limited to play the high-stakes games alone. You could also try your luck with games that do not involve huge amounts of money.

It is possible to keep the business going smoothly with the small wins of $50 or $100 too. If no money is coming in from other sources, you would be better off playing for the small wins. Money from the small wins will enable you to cater for some expenses. Such wins will help you to pay and settle the small bills. Therefore, do not ignore these small wins. They could be the difference between your business running smoothly or not.

As shown here, you can run your business very well with a few bingo wins. Target the big wins from jackpots without abandoning the money that small wins can bring in. Nevertheless, you should never forget the slim odds of winning. It is better to rely on a more stable source of raising finances for the horse-drawn carriage business. Winning a jackpot does not entitle you to receive the money immediately, so itís better to consider that too.
Visit all things Bingo, from sites to competitions. However, remember to play responsibly.

Welcome to the Thrasher Carriage Museum!

Travel the National Road (Route 40) to Frostburg, Maryland and visit the Thrasher Carriage Museum. Costumed docents will transport you back in time to explore early transportation.

The Thrasher Carriage Museum, one of the top collections of horse-drawn vehicles, represents every walk of life from the milkman to the wealthy. Pleasure vehicles, funeral wagons, sleighs, carts, and more are on display in the renovated 19th century warehouse.

Guides and interpretive signs offer a glimpse into the world of the elegant traveler. Stories of the clothing, activities, and lifestyles of Victorian Americans are interspersed with the fascinating details of these remarkable vehicles.

Accessories of early travel (hitches, saddles, bearskin lap robes, charcoal foot warmers, and lanterns) are all housed in the 1800s warehouse as part of the museum exhibit.

Travel to a time when craftsmen practiced the art of carriage making. Imagine riding in a formal carriage or the Vanderbilt family sleigh. Transportation history is only a short drive away to the Thrasher Carriage Museum.

Newport car services

Improper car services can lead to many problems with working on the vehicle. If you wish to extend your car’s life, always pay attention to its proper and timely servicing.
Reading further, you will get valuable tips to be taken care for car service and repair.

Have a look:

It is nice to run these checks doing them regularly will only save you from problems that might surface in future. The impairment will cause an accident, but it will certainly leave a big hole in your pocket, which we are sure none of you would want to see happening. With regular car services, you will avoid expensive repairs and make your car fuel-efficient.

If you are concerned about the longevity and safety of your vehicle, you must book for a car upkeep service in advance; say once in a year In general, newport car service offer three distinct services, which include oil servicing, interim servicing, and full upkeep maintenance.

You should choose based on your needs. In case you are in the habit of driving the vehicle regularly, a full upkeep servicing is the ideal for you. While choosing this type of service, also keep the budget in mind as they stand to be quite expensive.

Next is the oil servicing that is quite mandatory to be done. Under this service, you get oil and oil filter stand-in, headlights, tires and the exhaust checks. All the regular drivers should make it a point to choose amidst an interim service and full upkeep service for a year Talking about the acting one then it calls for around 25-30 performances checks on your car.

Car service needs experts at worked, and thus you should always look for a garage that’s reliable. Don’t just fall for the attractive advertisements or lucrative offers; instead, understand the basic need and choose the one that can help you with every aspect of service.

Plumbing for Your New York Horse Barn

You are the proud owner of a horse drawn carriage and with it, a horse or a couple of them. Well, you cannot enjoy the pleasures of these historic means of transport, without taking proper care of your horses. Horses need nutrition from hay and more, safe shelter, treatment for any health problems, proper grooming, hoof care, and a constant supply of clean water. The more natural the environment the horse lives in, the more comfortable it is likely to be. It goes without saying that you will need a New York plumber to provide the necessary services for your horse barn. Here’s what you will need.

Fresh water supply to the barn

As stated before, horses need a constant supply of clean water for drinking. The task of having to draw water from elsewhere and carrying it in buckets to the barn would be unsustainable. You need plumbing services to get water to the barn and make taking care of your horses easier. Aside from supplying drinking water for the horses, you also need water for grooming for the horses, cleaning parts of the barn, and laundering stall mats and floor covering if you have them installed. The barn also needs a supply of softened water. It is, therefore, necessary to install a line supplying softened water probably from the house. Alternatively, you may need to install a water softener for the barn. In addition, you will need water heaters during winter.

Depending on your specific layout and needs, you will need water pipes installed from the main water line to supply the barn, exterior faucets, a sink and a wash rack. You may also need to install a water pump and an automatic watering system if you don’t want to use water buckets to fill up the drinking containers. If necessary, you may need a water tank installed too. If you are building a new barn, it is best to install plumbing as you are building the walls of your barn. If however, the barn was built without plumbing facilities, you will need a plumber to make it easier for you to keep your horses clean and healthy.


You also need to have a proper drainage system for your barn to drain waste water so that it remains clean, dry, and free of smelly waste water. Ideal stall floors are designed to absorb water. The beddings also help to absorb urine. Extra drainage is however needed to absorb the excess urine and any water used for cleaning and disinfection. A drainage channel is thus needed to remove the extra urine and waste water. The alleyways and wash areas are not designed with any water absorption in mind and require proper drainage to get waste water out. You will need a good plumber to help you with designing and constructing proper drainage for your barn.

Same as plumbing for the house, you also need the services of a plumber to help you fix damages in the plumbing system for your barn. Therefore it is important to find a New York plumber you can rely on for all your plumbing needs.

Trees You Should Protect Your Horse From

The best time for planting trees is during times when rainfall and temperature are at a moderate level so that they have roots in the ground by the time the weather becomes hot and dry. That is why the best practice is to plant trees in the spring or fall. Spring is also associated with growth and is the best time to transplant trees. However, some trees can be dangerous to horses. Here are some trees that are toxic to your horse, especially in spring and fall.


These trees are commonly used in landscaping, but parts of it contain toxic substances. If eaten by horses in large quantities, they can lead to effects such as bloody diarrhea, colic, and renal problems. Acorns and young shoots are thought to be the parts most dangerous to horses and other livestock, though the flowers and leaves are also toxic.  If you have specific questions about this you can ask your local tree disease specialist (some are listed below for reference).

Black Walnut

This tree can poison horses through the feet when they come in contact with any part of the tree. Though the exact details of its toxicity are not well known, it is better to keep horses away and their shavings free of it because it can cause quick- or slow-onset


Other trees that are beautiful in spring and fall and great shade providers in summer such as red maple, plum, sycamore, and cherry trees can kill your horses. If you have any these trees around the pasture areas you should trim the branches so that they are not close enough for the horses to reach. You can also fence them off or if young, transplant your trees.

Some Recommended Local Tree Experts

Austin Tree Service Pros

Tree Removal Long Island


Why You Need Bookkeeping Services for Your Horse drawn Carriage Business

Bookkeeping is a necessity in all types of businesses; including those related to horses and horse-drawn carriages. Different businesses adapt it for a variety of reasons. One reason to start bookkeeping is to keep track of your cash flow.

Cash Flow Management

In order to run your business effectively, you need to know how much money is streaming in and how much you are spending so that you can account for every cent. Having this information readily available helps you in budgeting and making business decisions. Bookkeeping also allows you to tell if your expenses are exceeding your cash in so that you can take appropriate measures before your business’ financial situation reaches the red zone. It is also an important part of identifying the most profitable business activities and cutting down expenses.


Bookkeeping is an important part of ensuring that your business is compliant with tax laws. It enables you to pay the right taxes and in filing returns. You’ll be better able to identify all deductible expenses when you are filing your income tax returns. In case of an IRS audit, bookkeeping records will provide the necessary information and evidence.

Fraud Detection

Depending on how old and established your business is, you will have a number of employees. The number is likely to be higher for an older business than a start-up. It will be hard to detect cases of fraud and embezzlement if you don’t keep track of your income and expenses. Proper bookkeeping helps you to reduce risks of fraud, and if such cases are already taking place, scrutiny of your bookkeeping records can help you detect fraud or embezzlement.

Bookkeeping is relatively easy to do on your own; with the help of the many, readily available accounting software. This is doable for a startup, but then the tasks of running the business and bookkeeping may be too much for a busy startup. As your business grows, hiring a bookkeeper may become necessary as well. A bookkeeper can give the bookkeeping tasks the needed attention while you concentrate your energies on other aspects of your horse and horse drawn carriages business. You just need to find a good bookkeeper by first determining a few things about your business.

Selecting the Best Bookkeeper for Your Business

Before you hire a bookkeeper, you need to determine the bookkeeping requirements for your type of business, how many times and for how long you need the services depending on the number and frequency of transactions you make. You need to determine the tax returns and payroll deadlines so that you can get the services you need in good time. You also need to decide on the accounting software you will use so that you can look for a bookkeeper who is able to use your preferred software.

There are many good bookkeepers available in different areas, so it is easy to find one in your local area. If you are in need of bookkeepers Mosman services, you can use references or easily check online for companies offering that service. Just make sure you do your due diligence before you hire one. Select a bookkeeper based on the type and length of experience, certifications for relevant accounting software, and terms of payment. You should also assess the bookkeeper’s personality so that you can hire one whom you can comfortably work with. Be on the lookout for red flags. Once you find a good bookkeeper, you can rest assured that your bookkeeping needs will be properly handled.

What Makes Horse Drawn Carriages The Best Option To Travel Before Cars

During the time when the automotive industry wasn’t as advanced to how it is now, people used to travel in horses. In fact, having your own horse drawn carriage used to be the best option for a lot of people. What exactly makes it a good option? First, there used to be no cars that can bring you to places that require hours to reach. Instead of walking, you get to reach the destination faster. Next, you can also bring things and allow horses to carry them for you. This makes it the ideal mode of travel during those times especially for groups of people.

And lastly, you have the possibility of traveling in comfort. You are protected from the harsh elements when you use the horse drawn carriages. You have a roof that can protect you from the sun and from the pouring rain.

However, it is required that your horses are healthy if you wish to travel back in the day. The last thing you want is for your horse to get sick or die. Unlike engines that you can troubleshoot in the middle of the road, this isn’t something that you can do with horses.

Thinking of Buying Horse Drawn Carriages?

Are you the type who plans to buy a horse drawn carriage for some reason? Are you a fan of history who probably wants to add some carriages in your collection? If so, it is a good idea that you know exactly what you are looking for.

First, keep in mind that there is still modern day horse drawn carriages. These are horse drawn carriages that are used in parks and even in weddings. Also, you will need to assess your budget. The four-wheeled options are typically the more expensive ones. The two-wheeled horse drawn carriages are the cheaper ones mainly due to the fewer materials that are being used.

It is also a good idea to decide whether or not you want to have the old ones or the new ones when it comes to these carriages. Do you like the antique ones?

Lastly, you have to assess whether or not the carriage can be adjusted. There are types of carriages that can be adjusted according to the size of the horse. By checking the mechanisms of the carriage, you will be able to save a lot of money in the long run.