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Travel the National Road (Route 40) to Frostburg, Maryland and visit the Thrasher Carriage Museum. Costumed docents will transport you back in time to explore early transportation.


The Thrasher Carriage Museum, one of the top collections of horse-drawn vehicles, represents every walk of life from the milkman to the wealthy. Pleasure vehicles, funeral wagons, sleighs, carts, and more are on display in the renovated 19th century warehouse.


Guides and interpretive signs offer a glimpse into the world of the elegant traveler. Stories of the clothing, activities, and lifestyles of Victorian Americans are interspersed with the fascinating details of these remarkable vehicles.


Accessories of early travel (hitches, saddles, bearskin lap robes, charcoal foot warmers, and lanterns) are all housed in the 1800s warehouse as part of the museum exhibit.


Travel to a time when craftsmen practiced the art of carriage making. Imagine riding in a formal carriage or the Vanderbilt family sleigh. Transportation history is only a short drive away to the Thrasher Carriage Museum.



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